Quick Answer: Can I Pay Meralco Bill Online?

You can pay via Meralco Online*.

This is an online facility launched by Meralco to allow customers like you to conveniently and digitally transact with Meralco.

Meralco Online is accessible through our website , just click on the Meralco Online Beta button.

How do I pay Meralco online banking?



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How can I pay Meralco bill by check?

Visit any business center and pay for your bills over the counter. Make sure to have your check payable to “MERALCO” or “Manila Electric Company”, and write your Account No., Name of Contact Person and Contact Number at the back.

Can I pay my overdue Meralco bill in Bayad Center?

However, if a bill is paid past 8:00 p.m., that payment is considered a transaction for the next day. Overdue payments are still accepted as long as there is no disconnection notice. Bayad Center, engaged in the multi-platform bills payment collection business, has over 12,000 payment locations across the Philippines.14 Mar 2018

Can I pay overdue Meralco bill in BDO online?

You must have sufficient funds on your BDO account to successfully pay your Meralco bill online. You must enter the correct ATM/Reference Number and take note, it’s different for every bill. You must pay your Meralco bill online before its due date. Late payments may not be accepted online.12 Apr 2018

How do I pay my Citibank Meralco bill online?



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How can I pay Meralco bill through RCBC?

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How can I pay Meralco bill?

Login to your Meralco Online Account on www.meralco.com.ph and on the dashboard click “Pay Bills”. Step 2. Review bill summary for all unpaid bills/services and select bill/service for payment. Step 3.

Can I pay Meralco bill in LBC?

LBC Bills Xpress is your one-stop shop for paying your bills. Our partnership with Bayad Center lets you can settle your accounts to more than 100 merchants nationwide – from credit card bills, to utilities, to government service fees, you can settle it all at our branches, fuss free.

How can I pay Meralco through security bank online?

How to Pay Meralco through Security Bank Online

  • Step 1: Login to Security Bank Online.
  • Step 2: Select Payments and Transfers.
  • Step 3: Click on Pay Bills.
  • Step 4: Go to Make a Payment and select New Biller.
  • Step 5: Select Meralco as the Biller.
  • Step 6: Enter your ATM / Phone Reference Number.
  • Step 7: Add the amount that you will be paying.

Can I pay overdue Meralco bill in cebuana?

Cebuana now accepts Meralco! Ka-Cebuana! You can now pay your Meralco bill at any of our more than 1,800 branches nationwide.

Can I pay overdue Meralco bill using PayMaya?

With the exception of Meralco, (which must be paid at least 24 hours in advance), same day payments are accepted by 6:00 PM, the day the bill is due via the PayMaya bot for Messenger. We advise that you pay your bills before the due date to avoid any inconvenience. For Meralco, they do not accept late payments.

Can I pay overdue Meralco bill using GCash?

With the GCash app, you can pay your credit card bills and utilities in a snap. Freelancers can easily pay Pag-IBIG and SSS contributions and taxes using GCash. A bills payment made via Gcash is posted within two to three banking days. The GCash Bill Pay service, however, doesn’t accept payments for overdue bills.

Can I pay my Meralco bill in 7 11?

Customers of selected Dragonpay-accredited merchants can now pay for their online purchases at any 7-Eleven branch nationwide. Branches are open 7-days-a-week and 24 hours a day. Just follow the easy steps outlined below to complete your payment. Go to any 7-11 branch and look for the Cliqq touch-screen payment kiosk.

How can I pay Meralco bill with BDO Credit Card?

Via BDO website:

  1. Log in to BDO Online Banking using your user ID and password.
  2. Click “My Quick Links” and choose “Credit Cards Bills Payment.”
  3. Select Auto Charge Arrangement. Fill out the form provided and then click Submit.

How can I pay Meralco Metrobank online?

For BPI Express Online, proceed here.

  • Log in to Metrobank Direct https://personal.metrobankdirect.com/.
  • Salect to ‘Pay Bills’ located at the left side of the screen.
  • In the Pay Bills page, Select Utilities for the Category, Meralco for the Biller, then enter the ATM/Phone Reference No.