Can Indoraptor Kill Indominus Rex?

How did the Indoraptor die?

Indoraptor got impaled through and through, vital organs and all; there was no coming back from that.

The reason why Indoraptor died is because the force he fell and the horns of the Ceratopsian.

But I have to say it, even if the Indominus rex won the fight, she would’ve ultimately die from the injuries..

What two dinosaurs make the Indominus Rex?

The Indominus Rex is no different. Some of the known species that were used by Dr. Wu in the creation of the hybrid dinosaur are Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor, Carnotaurus, Giganotosaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops, and Therizinosaurus as well as modern animals like cuttlefish, tree frogs, and a pit viper snake.

What is the difference between Indoraptor and Indominus Rex?

For starters, it’s smaller: the Indominus rex was about 50ft tall, whereas the Indoraptor is about 10ft tall. It’s still tall enough to tower over even the tallest human, but it can also fit through most doorways. It has dark coloring with a yellow stripe down its side – similar to the blue stripe down Blue’s side.

What can live with Indominus Rex?

Large Carnivores Social – only 1 of same species – the largest carnivores, the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Indominus Rex, have to stay alone. They will accept a few small carnivores like Raptors, but nothing else – not even their own species.

Who killed Indominus Rex?

MosasaurusAs it is about to kill the Indominus Rex, the Velociraptor “Blue” reappears and attacks it. This enables the Tyrannosaurus to re-engage in battle. As they push the I-Rex to the lagoon, the Mosasaurus bursts out of the water and drags the Indominus Rex to the bottom of the lagoon, killing it once and for all.

Is the Indominus Rex evil?

Like the antagonist from the first film, the Big One, she was a deadly creature, but she was more dangerous, evil, and violent, and unlike the rest of the carnivorous dinosaurs who were driven by natural instinct, the Indominus was driven by pure sadistic pleasure, which led to her killing for sport.

Could the Indominus Rex have survived?

Hellcat123 wrote: It could possibly have survived by kicking it’s way free, but not without getting a few scars or even losing an arm or a few toes. Another possible theory is that if the Mosasaur could have been killed by the Indominus, by getting it’s jugular vein severed by it’s sharp claws, or teeth.

What is the strongest dinosaur?

A: The strongest was probably the biggest, ultrasauros, who was six-stories high. Or, among meat-eaters, T. rex. Q: In the book The Biggest Dinosaurs by Michael Berenstain, it says that the seismosaurus, found in Mexico, might be larger than the ultrasaurus.

Would a 50 cal kill at Rex?

Yes many of the larger dinosaurs like a triceratops or a T-Rex could survive bullet wounds from a modern firearm. … Weapons like a Barrett 50 caliber or something similar could probably bring down most dinosaurs but would require careful shot placement as with hunting any large game.

Did mosasaurus eat Indominus Rex?

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom It was thought to be dead when the submarine went in to collect a sample of what was left of Indominus rex. The Mosasaurus then ate the sub, along with a mercenary trying to escape on a helicopter, and when the gates were left open, it escaped the lagoon and swam into the ocean.

Can Indominus Rex turn invisible?

The Indominus rex is heavily inspired by The Lost World’s portrayal of Carnotaurus in the novel, which has the ability to turn invisible and the unreleased Chaos Effect hybrid dinosaur toy Ultimasaurus.

What is the rarest dinosaur in Jurassic World Alive?

Creatures in Jurassic World: AliveNameRaritySpeedVelociraptorCommon132Tyrannosaurus rexEpic102MegalosaurusRare105AmargasaurusRare10360 more rows

Is the Indominus Rex a boy?

Indominus Rex is a fascinating, frightening villain — made all the more interesting for being a female dinosaur. Indominus Rex.

Can Indominus Rex live with Indoraptor?

It can’t coexist with others of its own kind (unless specific social genes are applied to it prior to incubation) and it will kill almost anything up to the size of a Spinosaurus. Its behaviour is reminiscent to that of Indominus rex and Velociraptor.

Is the Indoraptor stronger than the Indominus Rex?

Boomstick : Not surprised! Whoever said the Indoraptor was a more terrifying version of the I-Rex clearly didn’t know her. Wiz : The Indoraptor may have been faster and much more agile, but he was curbstomped by the Indominus Rex’s sheer size and power.

Is Indominus Rex a girl?

From the Velociraptors to the Indominus Rex, all the dinosaurs in Jurassic World are female – so why are Hasbro’s new dinosaur toys male?

Is Indominus Rex fully grown?

YES. Indominus Rex is stated to grow to at least 50 feet long when fully grown. When it was visited in the movie, it was a sub-adult and only 40 feet, no bigger than Rexy, who was 44 feet long and around 15–20 feet tall. … So, in the movies, Indominus Rex is larger than Spinosaurus.

What is the weirdest dinosaur name?